Albert Engströmsgården

At Hult village is Albert Engström Farm, Mallas cottage etc.

There is also an open air theater where amateurs annual show performances, such as Year of famine, John and others.

For more information about the farm, shows and times, see Hult Folklore Society.

Kleva Mine

Kleva Mine, 4 kilometers north of Alseda rises Kleva hill about 50 meters above its surroundings.

Here is Kleva mine that was opened in 1691, since the kingdom was thought may have copper ore, including the manufacture of bronze guns.

Hässelåsa pond

Hässelåsa pond, about 5 km walk. Feel free to order picnic basket in the restaurant to bring and enjoy nature in Småland.


Skurugata, located about 5 km from Movänta, it is a 800 m long and 10-20 m wide fault line that provides coolness during the hot summer days.


Skurugata is an awesome experience that must be seen! Adjacent Skuruhatt gives the visitor a breathtaking view of the Småland highlands.

Movänta camping, Badvägen 4, 575 92 SE-Hult  |  Phone: +46 (0)381-300 28  |  Org 556276-2103
Other links

Light and craft shop, Kållarp.

Eksjö, the unique wooden town which celebrated 600 years in 2003. See the municipality's website for more information. You can also go to Eksjö wooden town.

Bruzaholms Bruksmuséum:
Situated at Wäduren, Bruzaholm, at road 33 between Eksjö and Vimmerby. Bruzaholm has a long history as a factory place. The museum shows different items manufactured at Bruzaholms Bruk since its start in the 17th century: Ovens, stoves, pots as well as umbrella stands and many other things. The factory is also known for its special pump model, Wäduren, which also is shown.

Ingatorps Lantbruksmuséum
The Museum of Agriculture at Ingatorp exhibits such machines which were used by the Småland farmer before the tractor conquered the village. The small fields of Småland were, and still are, very stony and must be cleared before tilling. The museum shows tools used for this hard work. The stone fences around the fields are the witnesses of hard work and worn backs.

Ädelfors Guldvaskning
Ädelfors gold panning

Stalpet Aneby, highest waterfall in south Sweden, 19 m.

Astrid Lindgrens Värld
Astrid Lindgrens Värld , "Astrid Lindgrens World",  approx. 40 km eastwards.


Glasriket, "The Kingdom of Crystal" beginns at Lindshammars glassworks, approx. 60 min by car from Movänta.