Activities in the surrounding:

Försjön is located in a beautiful area one kilometer north of Hult society east of Eksjö. The lake is a Natura 2000 area with high natural values.

The lake is a deep and nutrient-poor source lake in the upper parts of Emån's catchment area. The fishing is characterized by relatively good perch and pike fishing. The lake has a varying bottom structure with large variations in depth and bottom character. The lake's largest water depth is measured at 25.5 m and the mean depth is 7.8 m. The beaches are mostly sand and stone.

Boaryds Golf, Pay and Play. Green card is not required. Short course with nine holes. In addition, a "driving range" with 15 tees, a café and kiosk. 

At Nytomtavallen in Hult you can play tennis. You are booking in the reception.

Bruzaholms Go-Cart hall, a 300-meter indoor track with the opportunity for six or seven persons.



Nice 12-hole miniature golf (minigolf) from the City Golf.


Opportunities for sport fishing from shore or boat in Försjön. Additional fishing opportunities available in the surroundings such as the fish-rich Skedesjön. In Gäddegöl only fly fishing allowed.
Fishing cards are sold in the reception.

Movänta camping, Badvägen 4, 575 92 SE-Hult  |  Phone: +46 (0)381-300 28  |  Org 556276-2103
More activities

Activities at the camping area

Boule Courses

Boule in the camping. In addition, access to seven boule about 500 m walking distance from the campsite, or by a pleasant boat trip across the lake. These courses are not available on Thursdays at 13-19 during the season.


On the campsite there is a volleyball net and balls can be borrowed from reception.


Rowing and paddle boats, canoes and kayaks available for rent.